The Cup Of Silence

Men From Up The Stairs :: By David Firth (2006)
September 1, 2008, 2:44 pm
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It doesn’t make sense, unless you are keen to all of the clues given. I will give you a hint: Pay attention to the phone.

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Whoa. I thought I was paying attention. But I must have missed something.

Comment by Leslie

Leslie, another hint: Pay attention to the clock.

Comment by Jason

Okay. I got that everything’s two. And I got the nuts part. You’re nuts. I’m completely sane. And I don’t get this.

Comment by Leslie

Take a deep breath. Think about the meaning of the number “2.” Literally, the entire cartoon’s significance rests on it’s meaning. This is the last hint I will give you.

Comment by Jason

But I can’t breathe. I’m hyperventilating because I’m so mad that you’ve made me obsess over this video all day. And then you don’t even answer my questions right away. You wait like twelve hours, causing me to check your dumb blog every ten minutes all day. And then when you finally answer, it’s a dumb answer.

The meaning of the number two….
More than one but less than three?

This is nuts.

Sorry I called your blog dumb.

Comment by Leslie

Leslie, your comment makes me want to take a “#2”.

Comment by Jason

Oops, a third hint, which should be all you need.

Comment by Jason

this may help a bit. substitute “almonds” with “corn.” A fourth hint. I feel generous today.

Comment by Jason


Okay. Now I’m laughing.

Comment by Leslie

Tell the truth: did you really get this on your own?

Comment by Leslie

you have quite a competition in you. No, I had help. The first time I saw it, I thought “this is dumb.” Then it was explained to me. I think its pretty funny now. Thanks for playing.

Comment by Jason


am I compleeeetely sick if i understood it the rist time??



Comment by Carol

It’s about constipation, you know, having to shit and not being able to. The man with the brown hair is the shit inside the man with the black hair’s body. Look at it all, it all makes sense!

Comment by k8e

It is obviously about poo and being constipated.

Comment by Kieran Love

I get it, but I don’t get the cigarette part, or the guy calling him

Comment by Brock

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