The Cup Of Silence

When Your Love Asks To Wait, Wait. It Implies Time’s Yearning Simplicity.
February 8, 2008, 8:56 pm
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Bach Cello Suites. Yo Yo Ma.  Winter sounds through my stereo. I am not bragging when I say that I have a great pair of stereo speakers, a bargain at an Iowa pawn shop about four years ago. I have promised them to Rob Mezger, if ever I should reach heaven before him (yes, we can consider this blog post a contract).  I know many people who love music, and I don’t claim that one of them loves it more than the other. These speakers go to Rob because he helps me to love music more. I have told him so.

Back to Bach. Cello suites. Beautiful. Full of sorrow and joy simultaneously; a yearning simplicity. With the help of these speakers, I can envision the rosin powder springing from the horse-hair bow, and landing on the bridge and strings, dancing with each note. It encompasses this listener, reminiscent of the snow outside in the drive way, and the warmth inside my room. I think this is why I like Bach in the winter months. Mozart and Beethoven are for the spring, summer, and fall. Bach for these cold times.

In winter’s grip, it is easy to love deeper. Some may call this loneliness. I think its love, or at least the emotional manifestation of such a misunderstood word. Throughout this cold season, I have heard God’s whispering voice say “Wait.” “Wait on Me here.” The deeper love still spreads, but with a more life-giving purpose.