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For The Love Of The Seasons
January 5, 2008, 3:30 pm
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I have a peculiar attachment to the American Midwest.  Iowa has four distinct seasons, each bringing its own affirmations of life. Fall is aesthetically my favorite season. I love summer for its lightheartedness, time for camping, grilling in the back yard, and Cubs baseball. Winter’s snow reminds me that everything dies. Our time here is short. I have been made as white as the powder on the ground. Spring, ah yes spring. Warm-blooded birds return to this place. the grass becomes green. The rain in April, early in the morning,  enlivens an aroma in the air that is indescribable.

Winter is the time of year when people become resolute.  I have decided to celebrate the liturgical, or Christian calender. I love seasons, and I love how we as believers have seasons throughout the year that celebrate Christ. It has helped me focus and meditate on God, His desires from my life, and my desire for Him. I have been refreshed in reading about the significance of each season, and celebrating them with distant brothers and sisters.

So tomorrow brings the end to Christmastide. The Feast of Epiphany is the celebration of Gods revelation of Himself in human form, to us. Praise you Lord!


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Somehow I thought you stopped blogging. I did not follow your move to WordPress. I’m glad I found you again. The seasons are an incredible tool if you let them be. I am so glad you were blessed in your celebration of Advent and Christmas this past month.

Comment by Blogbarger

Great post…
Many people throw out the “baby with the water…” and throw away the idea of seasonal meditations and etc…
Honestly, there is nothing wrong. How can meditation on GOD ever be wrong?
you have encouraged me
Lazo von seasonal

Comment by Lazo Von Vukovaren

Laci, Thanks. We sharpen one another.

Chris, are you serious? You haven’t commented since the move to WordPress? (the span of about ten minutes passes)You really haven’t. Leslie comments all the time. You know, Rob didn’t know I made the switch either. I guess I am just glad to know that you haven’t given up on me. We need to talk soon. Maybe I will try to call you right now.

Comment by Jason

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