The Cup Of Silence

A Time To Listen
September 26, 2007, 2:45 pm
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Last night, I watched the lights of Zagreb, Croatia dance beneath my airplane, while listening to “One,” by U2. Tears? You better believe it. As a matter of fact, I have really been trying to keep back the tears all day.

And now, Sarajevo. This week, I will be absorbing. Absorbing this city, and it’s people. Tomorrow, I will try to add some photos. For now, I will leave you with this.

I woke up this morning at 4:40am, put on a fleece, and walked outside of the house. A cool Bosnian morning, a light mist falling from the dark, overcast sky, and me, unable to express myself. At  5am, one, then two, and in the distance, a third mosque sounded the call to prayer. The haunting voices, echoing through the hills, dark but beautiful. Me, listening, and whispering the lyrics

“The cross, neither jewelry,

nor icon, nor charm. The cross held a lover

who died in my arms,

under the weight of the hammer I held.

The space between heaven, and everything spanned.

And the lost art of living was found again,

When the cross became loving, and Christ became friend.”*

Until next time, Laku noc.


*(From Lost Art Of Living by 100 Portraits).


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See if you can get some video footage for all your G’s back home? I smell Mockumentary. It will make me goodness laughie!

Comment by Jose

goosebumps. tears.

Comment by Sheena Marie Evans


Lazo von vukovaren

Comment by Lazo Von Vukovaren

Life has a way of being beautiful, and your experience in Bosnia is and will be beautiful. It has meaning and it affects all of those who love you and one another. I hope your experience continues to change you, for that is what will cause movement in your life and mine, and that is beautiful. Love you brother.

Comment by hoofclip

Joe Joe, you make me goodness laughie

Sheena, amen.

Laci, sorry, my hrvatski isn’t good enough yet. I ate sarma tonight. Just like grandma used to make.

Blake, brother do I have some things to tell you.

Comment by Jason

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