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July 24, 2007, 10:52 pm
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If you were invited to your best friend’s wedding, and you lived in Iowa, and the wedding was in Los Angeles, would you fly or drive?  If you drove, would you drive in a straight line to L.A.? Above is the route we took.


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going in a straight line is overrated. i like the erradic feel of ya’lls adventure. looking forward to details.

thanks for the kind words about the moroccan woman. she took my breath away, thats for sure.

Comment by goodmorningsarajevo

Mackenzie, we of course are in full agreement. I have taken the “straight line” approach, and it doesn’t allow for as many meaningful experiences. Unfortunately I only took one memory card for my camera. I actually thought about you a few times on the trip. I would ask myself “if Mackenzie were here, and only had one memory card, would she take this picture, or save the space for her friends wedding.” I of course couldn’t answer this, so I ended up just flat out missing some pictures that I now wish I had taken. Some of the less frequent “what if Mackenzies” were “What if Mackenzie were put into the position of only eating peanut butter and bread for the next ten days? Would she buy creamy, or crunchy?” Or “What if Mackenzie had been driving a car for 16 hours straight? Would she listen to Bob Dylan or Nickel Creek?” (Bob won by a landslide, by the way).

Comment by jpstaniger

bob. good choice.

and without hesitation, crunchy. in my opinion, creamy shouldn’t be considered peanut butter. i mean, really, its made FROM peanuts. how can they be left out of the perfectly packaged plastic party?

Comment by goodmorningsarajevo

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