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June 17, 2007, 1:33 pm
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My Dad and I are so alike. I think about our similarities often. We both love being different than everyone else. We like to laugh. We cry at movies. We both like Beethoven. We both love God, and sometimes don’t know how to live like it. We both get angry (sometimes at each other). We both are quick to reconcile. We were both lost in our sins, and now have been found by a Father that doesn’t disappoint. We both like fishing and we both really need to get out to the lake soon.

My dad was the first person to ever stick up for me. He was the first person to show up at my hockey games, and the only person you could hear from the stands. My dad taught me the alphabet, something I have used quite often. I remember sitting with him at his desk, learning how to draw the letter D.” (“The lower case d is tricky because it looks different, unlike the lower case C, and its upper-case counterpart”).

My dad has the beard that I wish I could grow. He has a smile that reveals a twelve-year-old boy, who just can’t see the logic in behaving himself. My dad is the best dad I have ever had. I wouldn’t trade him for a new model.

Happy fathers day, pop.


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This is great! I love seeing pictures of your family. I think I like your dad.

Comment by Leslie

Thanks Les. You would like him. The second picture sums it up (the 12 year old I spoke of).

Comment by jpstaniger

Your dad is indeed ‘da bomb.

Are those recent pictures? That is the longest that I’ve ever seen his hair. Rock on!

Comment by The Raging Paradoxidation

The old man’s looking pretty good these days. Loved the tribute.

Comment by Spoon

His hair is so amazing right now. I would grow mine out if it looked that good long.

Comment by jpstaniger

to answer your question, the pictures were taken on sunday.

Comment by jpstaniger

There comes a time in every man’s life where he must make the difficult decision…shall I shave the beard? Your pops is a pillar to all men who would aspire to walk this earth with dignity because he continues to go strong with the beard!

Comment by hoofclip


Comment by jpstaniger

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