The Cup Of Silence

Where Is Josh’s Blog?
May 4, 2006, 4:58 pm
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Desire has brought down many a mighty character in this pantomime of life. Great people like VI Lenin and Gary Busey.

But my desires seem to be those akin to a simple man on a simple web log. I want Josh’s blog.


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Agreed. A picture paints a thousand words. The next time I see J. Mezgez I will wield my firesword.

Comment by Blogbarger

A few of us are also wondering–what happened to the Televangelischim post? Were you contacted by Robertson’s legal department?

Comment by Spoon

That post got deleted. I am not sure that those are the type of posts I want to have, so I got rid of it. Author’s prerogotive I suspect. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Comment by Jason

That Firesword is unrivaled in its resplendence. Good form. All that remains is to find one of Eric Estrada riding a comet. What’s with the elf ear?

Comment by Spoon

The elf ear is a symbol of power in the world of Azeroth. As a “Night elf,” one is afforded many impressive racial-based attributes such as increased wisp speed, and a higher roll percentage concerning “nature dammage resistance.” In short, the elf ears are present because my character on World of Warcraft is a Night Elf Hunter. World of Warcraft, incidently, is the most widely played video game in the world right now, boasting literally millions of online players who probably don’t have jobs or girlfriends.

Comment by Jason

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